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Eric Portnoy

Senior Mortgage Officer

NMLS# 20766
Tel: (781) 995-3440
Fax: (781) 995-3423
Cell: (617) 285-9129
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400 Trade Center, Suite 3890
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801

Eric Portnoy, a Loan Officer at Sage Bank, tailors your financing to meet your unique needs and financial goals. Eric has over 13 years of experience in mortgage banking in the Boston Metro area. Eric has experience with FHA, VA and conventional loans. Eric attributes success to his excellent customer service skills and always putting the needs of his client first. A diverse group of funding sources enables Eric to custom tailor the mortgage solution which best fits his client's profile and long term financial objectives. Lending is no longer a "one size fits all" industry and Eric's detailed approach to selecting the "best" product, provides his clients substantial savings over the life of the loan. Eric's experience with the mortgage process allows him to guide you to the result you are looking for in a smooth and professional manner.

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